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We are a team of storytellers assembled to help you personally connect.

We are creating a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect. Personal connection is life and our philosophy is rooted in the power of storytelling as an innate human gift to connect with one another. The power in our ability to create personal connection is unending and immeasurable. This philosophy has allowed us to grow our business values and processes. And in the same way, what started for our founders at the University of Denver as a strong friendship, a business has grown, and with it—a personal connect movement, giving you the tools to share your unique story. Stories matter. You matter. By creating trust, sharing story details and embracing emotion, we will help you develop true personal connection with your employees and customers. We utilize consulting, filming, and editing services to achieve your employee and customer engagement, education, and testimonial goals.

Our Team

Hector Simoudis

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Producer

Claiming himself as the proudest Greek, Hector has always had a passion for storytelling and entrepreneurship. Growing up in a multicultural community in the Middle East, his entrepreneurship endeavors range from starting an American candy shop in Saudi Arabia when he was 13 years old to knocking on doors to rake people’s lawns. His love for creating a personal connection through storytelling was fully realized when his travels took him to Vietnam and Cambodia. The simple lives these people lived and his ability to communicate them through the power of storytelling through gestures define his personal connection beliefs today. Hector graduated from theUniversity of Denver with a Bachelor’s in Marketing and International Business. This combined with his continuous education as a professional actor has allowed Hector to work towards his life purpose of connecting people through the emotions derived from storytelling.

Jonny Havey, CPA, MBA

Chief Operating Officer & Director

It all began when his cousin convinced him to watch the film adaptation of his favorite book growing up. It was at this moment when the credits starting rolling, that Jonny knew what he was going to be: a storyteller. “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” inspired Jonny to pursue a Bachelor’s in Film Production and Accounting along with an MBA in Entertainment Management at the University of Denver. After working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as an IT auditor for just under a year, Jonny was ready to utilize the power of storytelling to create a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect. As he felt closer to his cousin by sharing in his favorite childhood story, VP Legacies is creating deep meaningful personal relationships through the power of storytelling.

Spencer Daniel

Director of Photography & Editor

From a young age, the music of the movies shaped who Spencer is today. While watching Luke and Leia swing away from the Storm Troopers, in “Star Wars”, Spencer knew the importance of sound as tool to connect people through emotions. At this moment, his journey as a storyteller began. He attended the University of Northern Colorado obtaining a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in fine arts and continued his film studies at The Art Institute of Colorado with a degree in video production. The sonic personal connection created by sound and its collaboration with visual media is Spencer’s passion. He brings this to life with his eye for the perfect shot and his ear for the sonic power of a soundtrack.

Day Rudolph

Associate Producer & Assistant Editor

Creativity and logic have worked hand in hand for Day for as long as he can remember. Producing short action films, playing guitar and piano, always being at the top of his class in school, and an attitude that nothing is impossible has built the foundation of his belief in the power of storytelling. Currently finishing up a Bachelor’s in Film Production and another one in Accounting, followed by a Master’s in Accounting, Day’s business and creative mind brings clarity to our vision of helping people tell their story to achieve true, deep, meaningful personal connection.

Josh Blackburn

Music Producer & Denver Artist

Josh is known for his amazingly thoughtful approach to storytelling and ability to create musical scores that truly connect people and help to bring your story to life. Our in-house music producer and songwriter was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. With a long musical history, rooted in the power of storytelling and solidified by his University of Mississippi Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Josh brings the perfect mix of musical artist and creative marketing to the VP Legacies team.

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