People Matter.

Helping you personally connect with your people to increase employee retention and customer loyalty.

Storytelling is the key to personal connection.

We are expert storytellers with a process empowering you to make true personal connections with your audience.

We are creating a world where people aren’t afraid to personally connect. Personal connection is life and our philosophy is rooted in the power of storytelling as an innate human gift to connect with one another. The power in our ability to create personal connection is unending and immeasurable. This philosophy has allowed us to grow our business values and processes.

By creating trust, sharing story details and embracing emotion, we will help you develop true personal connection with your employees and customers. We utilize consulting, capturingediting, and educating services to achieve your employee and customer engagement, education, and experience goals.



Open communication develops rapport. Rapport with honesty creates trust.




Intimate details make up a story. Trust empowers you to share your story with others.



Stories inherently produce emotion. Embrace emotion and you will personally connect.

Our services tell your story.


We are here to help you discover your story and the best way to tell it by building a relationship with you and your project.


Let us capture your story and your audience through all types of visual media including video, photo, audio, writing, graphics, etc.


Trust us to craft your story in an emotionally compelling way, incorporating audio and visual details that truly make a difference.


We are dedicated to teaching you all about how personal connection and storytelling will help your business grow. Learn from us here.

Your Story. Your Legacy.

Engage people inside and outside your organization by building personal connection.

With our expertise in storytelling and personal connection, we can educate you and help you teach your audience.

The experiences of your audience and the community around you tell a genuinely true story.

For our clients, the power in our ability to create personal connection is unending and immeasurable:

Connect with us to start creating personal connections through storytelling.

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