When it comes to the workplace during the summer months, employees can come to expect plenty of summer barbecues, casual Fridays, and more flexible working hours (hello summer Fridays!). That being said, summer is the perfect time to increase your employee engagement with a wide range of activities.

In this post, we share 10 activities you can do at your office to increase employee engagement this summer.

Start a Fitness Challenge

Summer is the perfect time to get active and get outdoors. And the perfect way to do this is by starting a 60 or 90-day fitness challenge across your company or your office. Give your employees a few options to choose from, such as drinking more water, practicing mindfulness, or increasing their steps. Doing this challenge as an office is a perfect way to engage everyone and keep each other accountable for their goals.

Host or participate in a sports tournament

Popular sports for the summertime include games like kickball or softball, both office-friendly sports. If your office is big enough, have everyone break into teams and have a tournament one afternoon. Or, if you have a smaller office, enter your team into a local league. This gets everyone together for some out-of-office fun to encourage employee bonding.

Get outside

Summer is the best time to break the workday monotony on a daily basis. Encourage your employees to spend time outdoors doing activities such as taking a walk around the block, eating lunch outside, or even working outside. The sunshine and good weather will keep employees feeling positive and that they don’t have to spend their entire day indoors.

Offer incentives for being at work

With the summer weather, there is so much temptation among employees to want to skip work and take the day off. While it’s OK once in a while, too much of it can hurt productivity, even if it’s slow. To combat this, offer some sort of incentives for employees to be at work such as catered lunch, gift cards, and even bonuses. This can help your employees stay motivated and engaged during the warmer months,

Make sure employees take vacations

In contrast to the above, management should encourage their employees to take a vacation during the summertime. Even if it’s just a staycation, encourage your employees to take a few days off for some much needed R&R. Summertime is the best time to do that, given the good weather and abundance of activities to do. This will give your employees a chance to reset and refresh going forward.

Do volunteer work

A common misconception is that the holidays are the only time to really volunteer. False! Charities and philanthropic organizations need help all year round, not just around the holidays. Get a group of people together and set aside an afternoon or a full day to go do some volunteer work for a local organization. Not only does this help with team building, but it gets you out of the office and helping a good cause.

Team bonding

While everyone’s schedule might be crazy hectic, schedule some time one afternoon or evening for some team bonding. This can be something as simple as going to an escape room and a brewery afterward. You want to get your employees out of the office and their minds off of work in order to encourage bonding with other co-workers. This goes a long way for getting to know each other outside of a work setting.

Encourage creativity

Let your employees dream up creative ways to make work more fun during the summer—maybe it’s wearing Hawaiian themed shirts or decorating your desk to mimic a tropical paradise. Either way, encourage your employees to think of ways to creatively keep engaged at work when they would rather be outside. Heck, even make a contest out of it to add a competitive element!

Plan a field trip

Field trips aren’t just for kids; you can take one at your workplace and summer is the perfect time to do it. Maybe there is a museum exhibit or convention in town that is relevant to your job. Take the opportunity and go as a part of work. It gets you out of the office for the day, keeps you learning, and makes work more fun.

Have a company picnic

It goes without saying, but summer is the perfect time to come together for a company-wide picnic. Head to a local park with some food and drinks for an afternoon out in the sunshine. To draw attendance, host something like a corn hole tournament or cup in hand kickball to make it fun for employees. This is an event that takes place outside of work, so it should be treated as such.

Summer is the best time to increase employee engagement. With it typically being a more flexible time of the year to work, it gives companies some leeway to be able to host more activities. Take this time to connect with your employees to have some fun and show them that they matter.

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