Workshops are a great way to give your customers and employees skills they need to enhance their roles and their careers. Companies can put on workshops on a variety of skills and topics that appeal to your employees. Many companies stray away from this because of two factors: cost and the complexity of setting one up. But, it’s not rocket science to put on a good education workshop. All that is required is a little bit of planning to execute a workshop that is worthwhile for everyone.

In this post, we are going to share four educational workshops that you can build for your customers.

1) A soft skills workshop focussed on personal connection

Soft skills are essential in the workplace today. No matter how advanced technology gets, soft skills are going to beat automation any day. Soft skills are skills like emotional intelligence, public speaking, and negotiation. These are going to be the skills that make employees attractive to employers, no matter the industry. The more technical the industry, the more important these skills are for employees to build personal connections. Employers want employees who are able to communicate effectively with others. These skills are also very hard to teach, so employers want job candidates who already have these soft skills.

Take a day with your employees to host a soft skills workshop. It can be a series of workshops, one covering a different topic each time. Make it interactive and engaging for employees so they feel like it is time well spent. Incentivize employees by offering to host lunch during the workshop. If no one at the company can host the workshop, look for an outside vendor. It’s a small investment to make, but it will make the workshop relevant and valuable for employees.

2) A technical skills workshop helps with internal communication

Use a specific piece of software or tool for your job? Host a workshop for the users of that tool or anyone who is interested in learning how to use it. A technical skills workshop is a great way to help your employees enhance their knowledge of that tool. They can become more familiar with it, learning how the tool can better serve them in their role and department. Tools like Salesforce, Marketo, and Google Analytics are critical business tools for any modern-day employee. Hosting a workshop on these tools to communicative and connect with your employees providing the insights they need to better their job.

This can be a multi-day workshop and take place in one of the company’s hub offices. People from across the company can get together to learn how to use the tool, making for a cost-effective solution. Communicate with and invite teams from across the company to participate in the workshop. This way, they can have a chance to learn the tool and see how they can implement it.

3) A writing workshop to increase written communication skills

One of the most crucial skills that you need in the business world today is writing. No matter the type—memos, proposals, technical papers, blog posts—writing is a key business skill. However, it is the most underrated in terms of teaching the proper style and usage. While most of us are taught it in school, we typically don’t see it again until we enter into the workforce (that is unless you are an English or journalism major). A writing workshop that teaches employees the basics of grammar, style, and usage could be one of the most useful workshops out there.

While writing is important, it is also subjective. It is a topic that makes people feel very self-conscious, especially when it comes to sharing their work with others. When creating a workshop on this, work to create a safe space for employees. You want them to feel comfortable sharing samples of their writing as a means for improvement. Break out into smaller groups so employees get to work closely with their group as opposed to a larger group. This will take away the intimidation of presenting their writing, allowing them to focus on the communication skills at hand.

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4) A personality test workshop creates personal connection

There are so many personality tests out there—Instinctive Drives, Myers-Briggs, StrengthFinder, and Insights. These tests are aimed to help you learn and recognize your personality traits in the workplace and use them to better collaborate and personally connect with coworkers. That being said, a personality workshop is a perfect way for employees to come together to discuss the results. This type of workshop can open up the door for better collaboration, as you can learn about others’ working styles and learn how to adapt to them.

This workshop can be built around activities that give you a chance to put your results to the test. The goal is to walk out of the workshop feeling that you have a better understanding of why your coworkers approach problems the way that they do. A personality workshop should be interactive and engaging in an attempt to keep your employees’ attention and keep them participating throughout the day.

No matter the topic, there is a workshop out there that will engage and create personal connection with your employees. Your employees can learn new skills that will help them get the job done and in a more efficient manner. Take the time to build a workshop today and see the positive impact it can have on communicating with your employees.

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