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Every business wants to increase customer retention rates, but we often overlook the power communication and proper messaging produces. Often times, we think bringing in new customers is the key to business growth. But that is not always the case. It is about communicating with and retaining the customers you already have.

Creating personal connection to retain the customers you already have is a great way to increase your return on investment (ROI). Companies make the mistake of thinking that having a stellar product or service allows them to radically increase their ROI. Customers tend to be loyal to  a brand who believes in a bigger vision that emotionally creates personal connection. Corporate communication internally with employees and externally with customers creates a uniform vision to foster long-term relationships.

In order to increase customer retention rates, you need to understand your customers. Learning the right tactics in improving customer retention will help you immensely. Customers want to feel that the business cares about them. They also want to feel that you understand them and their desire. So to further retain your customers, the key is strong internal and external communication.

Good communication is vital in every transaction. That is why you need to develop your skills in selling your brand. Here are five external communication strategies you can use to increase customer retention rates and bring ROI to your business.

1) Be honest and transparent with your customers

Being honest and transparent with your customers is the foundation of communication and personal connection. This means creating a communication brand that represents your company honestly and genuinely.  Customers love to establish a strong relationship with businesses who are honest about their brand. They also love companies who establish transparency in terms of marketing, advertising, and hiring.. Hence, you should be upfront about everything when dealing with your customers.

2) Listen to your customers feedback to create positive change and personal connection

Another way to increase customer retention rates is to learn the process of receiving feedback. While sending your message is a key part of relaying your product, receiving information from your audience is also vital. Listening to your customers will let them feel that they are playing an active role not only in the conversation but in the business itself. They will realize that what they say could help improve your business. Hence, they would subscribe to your brand more.

Hence, you have to receive whatever the customers say – whether it be positive or negative feedback. Take time to digest their important points. Their feedback always matters. Your job is to appreciate and build upon their positive feedback. On the other hand, embrace and create positive change from negative feedback. Overall when you listen to your customers feedback you will create positive change and personal connection. 

3) Directly communicate with your customers and get straight to the point

You know the old adage, do not beat around the bush? Directly communicate with your customers and get straight to the point when dealing with customers. No customer likes to waste their time on frivolous things. So as much as possible, communicate directly and simply.t. Get straight to the facts and important notes. Give your customer something to believe in. Therefore, communication has to be direct, informative, and emotionally engaging. What pains are you helping them solve? What gains are you helping them create? 

As much as possible, share the most important facts first. Then, give the customer the chance to ask questions for other details regarding the product or service you render. This will save both of you time. In the process of talking to them, try to communicate with them emotionally. Humanize your conversations in such a way that you relate to their feelings and emotions. By doing so, you create a personal connection with your customers. Establishing a connection while getting straight to the point will help increase the chance that the customer will return to your business in the future.

4) Be mindful of your non-verbal cues when communicating with a customer

Be mindful of your non-verbal cues when communicating with a customer
Communication is made up of a combination of verbal and non-verbal cues. Instead, it also dwells on your tone and your body movement, among other non-verbal cues. As a matter of fact, studies show that up to 70 percent of all communication is composed of body language. Your customers could easily understand the meaning of your body language: from your posture to your hand gestures. If they feel a sense of uncertainty or apathy in your tone and poise, they might lose interest in the product or service you are selling. Hence, it is important to be mindful of the different non-verbal cues when conversing with a customer.

Make sure your facial expression is not ambiguous, and that your posture is not stiff. Be relaxed and welcoming. Your customers would like to have an endearing person to talk to. If they feel like they are welcomed in the business, they will surely return in no time. From here, you could increase customer retention rates quickly. 

However, a company does not necessarily have a face when interacting with a customer. In some situations, you may only communicate via email. This is when the tone of the message sent becomes important. The tone of the message may be dependent on the capitalization of words or on the manner of messaging. For instance, if you use all caps, your customer might think you are shouting. Or if you sent incomplete messages, your customer might think that you are not serious in your conversation. Regardless of the situation, you should try to talk to the customer over the phone or a video call to further personally connect with them.

5) Communicate updates and announcements to customers  

Informing your customers on new updates regarding your company is an important way to keep them up to date on the trends in your business. Whether your product is on sale or your service has improved, your customers have the right to know. By doing so, you will passively connect to the people that connect to your business. You could create a group or a community where they receive these pieces of information. You could even let them subscribe to a newsletter. These are great avenues where they still hear from your company wherever they may be.

Wrapping Up

As a thriving company, you need to let your employees develop several skills in communicating since these could drive the customers into subscribing to your brand. Constant application of the strategies  will help you steadily increase your customer retention rates. In turn, you will expect a return of investment to your business.

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