In the video production industry, there is a large range of pricing among different video production professionals from college students doing work for free, to freelance artists to video production studios. Oftentimes, when it comes to choosing a video production company, businesses will go with a less expensive company in order to cut costs. With lower cost attracting a business at first, could end up costing a business much more in the long-term.

While it’s easy to base your decision on price, a proposal for a one-minute video can range from $100 to over $100,000 depending on the scope of work. A business must understand what it takes to create an impactful video with ROI potential. The truth? It is a lot more time and resource intensive then you may think. Cost isn’t everything when choosing a video production company; there are other factors to take into consideration. Instead of evaluating your decision solely based on cost, evaluate based on the value you are getting. Here are five factors to consider when choosing a video production company.

1. Transparent communication

You want a company that offers transparent communication and is attentive in getting your needs met. Not all companies’ communication methods are alike and you won’t know until you pick a company how they will communicate with you. The last thing you want is a lack of communication when you are trying to get edits made on your video.

2. Timeliness of delivery

If you are on a deadline, you want a company who can deliver a quality video fast. You don’t want your video to get lost in a company’s queue just waiting to get completed. A great video production company makes timeliness a priority for its clients so you can meet your production deadlines.

3. Going above and beyond for clients

A quality video production company will go above and beyond for its clients, doing more than asked for to make their projects truly exceptional. It’s the extra effort that video production artists put forth that gives their clients’ projects a “wow factor”. The effort doesn’t go unnoticed and makes a huge difference in the client relationship.

4. Quality of the video

It’s important to get the most bang for your buck when choosing a video production company. You want to make sure that you’re getting the highest quality video possible for what you’re paying. By going with a less expensive company, you may not be getting the video quality you could be getting if you paid just a little bit more.

5. Client relationship

One of the most overlooked factors when choosing a video production company is client relationship. You want a company who will build a relationship with clients, really getting to know them. For good video production companies, it’s more than just the work; it’s about building a relationship with their clients to make for life-long customers.

So when deciding which video company to go with for your project, take the above factors into consideration. When working with VP Legacies, you are paying for these factors and how they treat your individual project. You get a company that takes the time to really get to know its clients and goes above and beyond to create videos of the highest quality for its clients.

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