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If you want to foster and sustain life-long relationships, personal connection and build a loyal customer following, consider creating a strong community of customers and advocates around your brand. A loyal customer following won’t only help drive sales, but can get the word out about your services or product. Thus, leading to sustained growth.

However, it’s not just enough to build that community; you need to actively engage with them and gather their feedback for the betterment of your business. Give them the tools and resources they need to be more informed while selling your services and brand. That being said, you should be careful not to abandon your customers, always seek their opinions and pursue new ones.

In this post, we will share some tips that you can use to build an external corporate communication strategy, create personal connection and a loyal customer following for your brand.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to create personal connection and a community amongst your customers. Brands can meet their customers’ needs as if they are part of an exclusive club or group just by the way they communicate with them. In addition, with email, you can give your customers early access to promotions and deals they wouldn’t otherwise have. 

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The first step? Create a regular e-newsletter to keep your customers up to date with what’s going on at the company or share content from the week. Your customers will appreciate that you’re keeping them in the loop. Additionally, don’t forget to send a personalized welcome email to new subscribers, introducing them to and getting acquainted with the club.

User-generated content

Another way to engage and create personal connection with your customers is through user-generated content. User-generated content is content that users create themselves, such as blog posts and social media posts. When utilized correctly, this content can build a personal connection with customers that is friendly and cultivates loyalty. Customers love hearing from brands that they invest in. 

Using their content shows that you’re there and you’re listening to your target audience. For example, on social media, you can repost a customer’s Instagram photo or share a story on your own profile. Additionally, if your customers tag you on Twitter, take a moment to reply to their tweet or reply to their post. This will go a long way in showing your customers that you pay attention to their opinions of your products.


Consistency is key to building personal connection and loyal customers. It is especially important when it comes to your product and service offerings. If you are providing something your community loves, keep doing it. As a brand, you need to be careful and smart about the changes you want to make to your lineup. As a precaution, keep the “old favorites” around, introduce new ideas carefully and in small batches until it gains a following of its own.

Provide valuable resources to your community

While your followers are your customers, they are also human beings with a knack for curiosity and learning. To foster brand loyalty and personal connection, consider providing valuable resources to your community. One way of achieving this is by focusing on educating your audience, helping them make more informed decisions. For example, in your monthly e-newsletter, provide free marketing and other learning resources to your clients through detailed e-books, workshops, and webinars.

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Create a rewards program

Even though it sounds like textbook marketing, a customer loyalty program will keep your customers coming back time and time again. It is a great way to keep in touch, build personal connection with your customers and keep them purchasing goods and services. If your customers know they will eventually get a coupon or a free item for certain levels of spending, they will keep coming back until they achieve it. Bonus points for your customers if they are already loyal to your brand. It just goes to show that rewards programs can be a win-win for everyone.

Build authority online

Last but not least, work to build your authority online. Businesses that want to influence others need to build up credible authority online. By leveraging this, companies can create a community of customers and advocates. One way of doing this is by creating and posting valuable content such as blogs and rich videos. If customers know they can come to you for the best possible information and trust what you offer, you can build brand loyalty and a strong customer base. When done correctly, this approach can help your business increase shares, followers and most importantly personal connection.

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Building a loyal customer base is a key component in your business’s marketing strategy. It is crucial to the success of your business and how it is perceived in the marketplace. By taking the time to focus on building a loyal customer base, the rest of your corporate communication, personal connection strategy, and customer engagement will take care of itself.

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