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We learn your story and put together a custom strategy utilizing our Atlanta storytelling services to share your unique story and connect with all your audiences.

Our Atlanta Storytelling Services Create Personal Connection

Atlanta is one of the most bustling cities in the South. It’s home to some of the world’s biggest brands like CNN, Coca-Cola, and Home Depot, while also being an emerging destination for music and entertainment, namely hip-hop and rap. Atlanta is rooted in history, being the home of Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement, as well as being a pivotal city during The Civil War. Atlanta’s residents know a thing or two about innovation and storytelling — that’s what put them on the map and continued to help them grow into the city they are today.

Personal connection is one of the many foundations for storytelling. Storytelling is a gateway to build a connection rooted in trust, emotion, and intimate details with your audience. Our expertise in consulting, capturing, and editing bring your story to life to personally connect with your audience. Let our Atlanta storytelling services help you tell your one-of-a-kind story.

Storytelling in Atlanta happens in many different ways, whether its visual, verbal, or written, to tell your story in a way that best matches your needs. We put together a custom strategy that utilizes our consulting, capturing, and editing services to create a unique story for you and your audience.

Our storytelling services help serve the Atlanta employee and customer engagement, education and experience market. We believe your stories matter and that you matter, which is why we offer the tools to help you tell yours.

Storytelling services in Atlanta include


We understand that not everyone is a storyteller, which is why we offer consulting services in Atlanta to help you uncover what your goals, dreams, and big ideas are. We use these as a foundation to create a custom storytelling strategy. Building a trusting relationship with you is important to us. We want to learn and experience your story so we get a better sense of who you are and how to best connect with your audience.


After sitting down with you and crafting your creative and business strategy, our talented team of content creators bring your story to life. We manage the content creation process with a local crew in Atlanta who really know the city, finding the best filming spots to take your story to the next level. Our goal is to create a story that is deeply rooted in personal connection. No detail is too intimate or too emotional — in fact, that is what will differentiate your story from the rest.


Once the content has been captured, our team of creative and highly skilled editors weave your story together. Our Atlanta storytelling team has a keen eye to make sure the details and emotion of your story come through in the final product. Our purpose is fulfilled when we can help you personally connect with your audience with a final product that is as genuine as the story itself.

A few of our clients we have helped create personal connection:

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