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Capturing Creates Personal Connection with Detail and Emotion

Capturing the moment in a tangible, reusable medium has been a goal of humanity since the beginning of time. Today, we are lucky to be able to utilize the combination of audio and visual memory captured through the power of technology. Gone are the days where we take a photo or video and hope for the best; now, we have the capability to control the shot, set the scene, and tell a story. Capturing includes written, still and moving images, audio, graphics and other storytelling content that creates personal connection.

With our comprehensive selection of services, we give you everything you need to be able to tell your perfect story. You have a hand in the entire process, from start to finish, to get the end product you desire. We work with you to create the ideal strategy to capture your story, complete and will help you figure out the best medium to capture it. Once a plan is put in place, our creative and talented team can begin to capture your story.

Employee/customer engagement, education, and experiences can be captured in order to produce genuine personal connection with your target audience. We aren’t afraid to dig deep and capture the smallest of details or the most discreet of emotions; these are what makes your story stand out and really forge a connection with you audience. Our ability to ask the hard questions and to go above and beyond to capture even the hardest content allows us to get everything we need for our editors to weave your story together.

With years of emotional storytelling experience, we are able to get the highest-quality. psychologically-resonating content that personally connects with your audiences. Your success is our priority, and we won’t stop until we capture all of the emotion and details necessary to properly tell a story rooted in personal connection.

Capturing Process

Create a plan & schedule.

First, we listen to your capturing needs and put together a capturing plan. This includes putting together a content list to decide what medium (video, photo, text, graphics, audio, etc.) is best used to communicate your message.

Primary capturing.

Next is the phase of capturing content based on the schedule. This basically means any capturing that occurs that is planned. As the project progresses there may be additional content that needs to be captured (See the next step).

Secondary capturing.

Lastly, once the editing phase begins there may be additional unplanned content that needs to be captured. Therefore, we are prepared to capture all of the additional content that is needed and not necessarily originally planned and will repeat this step until everything is captured to create the best story.

A few of our clients we have helped create personal connection:

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