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Create Change with Educating Content and Courses

What is the personal connection crisis?

Even in a world governed by technology as an extension of our day to day lives, personal connection is a necessity that we all need. Societal pressures have created an illusion that technology (specifically smart phones and other computers) can provide us with...

We Create Your Content Creation Strategy and Work with Your Media Team to Produce ROI

Imagine the following situation: Your media team put together some content, but it’s missing that “something” that will take it over the top. There’s just something about it that isn’t forming a connection with the audience. Maybe it’s the lack of emotion, lack of...

2 Major Ways CTOs Can Connect with Their Teams

There is no “I” in team. But there is an “I” in innovation, infrastructure, and impact—three aspects of a strong technology team. And as the Chief Technology Officer, building a well-rounded tech team can be exceedingly difficult with frequent...

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