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At VP Legacies, we pride ourselves on building authentic, meaningful, and long-lasting client relationships that allow us to provide high quality corporate communication and personal connection strategy services. We truly believer in building a foundation of trust for communication, embracing emotion to take action so that we can achieve your business objectives together. We are here to increase your employee and customer retention rates as your trusted partner.


333 West Hampden Ave., Suite 1010, Englewood, CO 80110

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1001 Bannock St., Suite 471, Denver, CO 80204

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Phone: 720-507-7328


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We’re Bringing Live-Stream Storytelling to Denver

Ten years ago, the idea of live streaming was something that was hard to achieve and if it was achieved, it was used very sparingly. Today’s rapidly-changing technology allows companies and organizations of all sizes to utilize live streaming to share events across...

Make Personal Connection Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution

The new year is always a time for reflection, motivation, and goal setting. We look at what we did (or didn’t) get done the following year and make it a point to get it done this year. While some prefer the term “goals”, the most common term is...

Get the Most from Your Soft Dollars

When you are evaluating vendors to perform a task for you, you often look first to see how much their services cost. As we have covered in past blog posts, cost isn’t the most important factor when choosing vendor. Often times, customers want to see what...

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