Today marks our ascension to the top of the Aerial videography industry in Denver. With years of Denver video production experience and a post-production system built to perfection, we are launching a new service line focusing on Denver drone videography. Our local digital marketing and content creation firm, Visibility Enterprises, has begun hiring us out to run all media production including aerial video production in Denver.

After thoroughly researching and practicing with various drones we concluded that the DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone on the market for the value you get for your dollar paid. Nicknamed “Red Five” from “Star Wars”, our Mavic Pro’s compact style with easy setup, stunning 4K and easy to use comprehensive software is the flagship of our Denver aerial video production.

Practice makes perfect and with drone videography your range of shots is infinite. Therefore, we are training all of our cinematographers to be expert aerial videographers in Denver. After various test shoots with Red Five over the past few weeks we took her out for flight. Combining aerial video production tracking shots, follow shots, and aerial tripod shots we are helping Visibility Enterprises tell the story of Summit Heating and Air Conditioning from the sky.

Drone video production is definitely still an attention grabber for those around to see it. With that being said, there were multiple cars and people on foot who were drawn in to see what we were capturing with our drone videography in Denver. With that being said, we have found that it is important to have at least two people on any given drone aerial video production shoot. The first person will actually be operating the drone, while the second’s job is to help them come up with the shot and direct external forces that could interfere with flight.

Below is one Denver aerial video production clips we shot today.



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