Denver Aerial Videography

Aerial videography allows us to tell your story from the sky all over Denver.


Our most recent aerial videography clip just outside Denver.

Our process to produce aerial videos in Denver.



First, as a storytelling company based in Denver, CO, our aerial videography services focus on capturing the assets of your story that can’t be collected by staying on the ground. Therefore, we begin by fully understanding who you are and the story you need to tell. By consulting you on the best way to tell your story we will know exactly what needs to be filmed to produce the best aerial video footage necessary for your story., we are providing a solution to one of the biggest problems in our industry — people do not know how to tell a story. Once this is addressed, we start the technical pieces of filming and editing the perfect story to connect with your target market. In addition, our consulting storytelling results can be used in all of your company’s communication avenues.


After we figure out the story that needs to be told, we break down our Denver aerial videography process into two technical areas: filming & editing. Filming begins once we have a plan regarding the videos we are going to produce for you. We utilize your story, business & creative goals, a shot list and visual storyboard to capture the highest quality aerial video footage with our high quality drones for our editors to work their magic on. During the filming process our drone videographers take a wide variety of shots from the sky in order to have the best aerial coverage for our editors to work with. We will perform additional shoots and reshoots to make sure our clients are happy with their drone video production in Denver.



In Denver we believe the most important part of aerial videography is editing. Therefore, we built an organization process and editing system that is extremely efficient and effective to fulfill our client’s current and future editing needs.It is extremely important to know what to do with the beautiful aerial video footage once it has been shot.We realize that the editing part of the aerial video production process is the most time consuming and can be overwhelming for our clients.  It is our job to make it as simple as possible for you so that all you have to worry about is giving us feedback on how we are telling your story. We will take care of all of the video & sound editing, soundtrack production, motion graphics, visual effects and animation that best suits the story we are telling.

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