Blog Post written by Jobber Group and VP Legacies.

Employee engagement is more than a survey, although surveys are the start of collecting the data you need to propel your company forward. The question remaining is how do you use this data and other employee metrics to build better employee engagement and a better company; and how do you use employee engagement data to find the “right fit” for future hires? These Colorado leaders from very different industries have great use cases to accomplish the same goal: right fit hires and a more engaged workforce.

Denver Startup Week is all about sharing new ideas and creating personal connections with the people involved in the Denver Startup community. Both Jobber Group and VP Legacies were heavily involved in the week between attending events and hosting various events. Jobber Group specifically put together a panel made up of innovative executives working in their own organizations to engage and create personal connection with their employees to close the week on a high note. On September 29, 2017 Jobber Group invited  VP Legacies (us) to the Denver Startup Week Employee Engagement Panel called “I’m Measuring Employee Engagement…Now What?” to capture the responses from these talented executives.

In conjunction with Jobber Group we have put together the 90 minute video of the Denver Startup Week Employee Engagement Panel: “I’m Measuring Employee Engagement…Now What?” for your viewing pleasure. We highly recommend watching 15 to 30 minutes of it by skimming through it at the very least.

We want to say thank you to our featured panel members and their organizations they represent (Listed in order of appearance in the video below):

Craig Smith, President and COO, HomeAdvisor
Anne Rooney McCord, VP Human Resources, Peak 10 + ViaWest
Rob Dravenstott, SVP and CIO at Dish Network 
Noël Mink, Manager HR Operations, City of Aurora



Our biggest takeaway from the Denver Startup Week Employee Engagement Panel: “I’m Measuring Employee Engagement…Now What?” is that no matter what kind of organization you own, manage or work for people are the most important asset. Therefore, they should be treated as such with personal connection being at the forefront. Data tells the story. Therefore, use the data to connect with your peers and create employee engagement. has written some great content around understanding the need for employee engagement we recommend you read.

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