Employee & Customer Education

Why you should educate your employees and customers.


Education creates personal connection. When someone isn’t able to connect, it is our responsibility to educate. Everyone and every business’s story starts with educating your target audience on what they do not understand. This may range from how your business or a position in your business operates (directed at current and future employees), describing how a new product or service works and the value it provides (directed at current and prospective customers), or providing an education service itself.

Employees who are educated are higher performing due to increased effectiveness and efficiencies. In addition, when employees fully understand who you are and what you do they are inherently happier. Customers who are educated on your product and/or service are more likely to buy. For consumers knowledge is power, therefore, when you provide the gateway for education you are helping them understand and simplify their buying decision, Lastly, selling the service of education, showcases your expertise and allows you to share your wisdom with others.

All three of these things created through the avenue of storytelling are important for developing and maintaining a personal connection with your employees and customers.

Our services help you educate current and prospective employees and customers.



First, we help you discover and simplify your story, visually conceptualize it, and manage your storytelling project so you can educate and personally connect with your employees and customers.


We use top-quality equipment to capture your story so that you can educate and personally connect with your employees and customers.


We passionately craft your story in an emotionally compelling way and connect each visual & audio detail to perfection to educate and personally connect with your employees and customers.

Educate through video storytelling.


Create personal connections through storytelling.


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