How eLearning Can Help You.

eLearning is learning that your company can use that utilizes electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom, in most cases delivered completely online. eLearning courses can give your learners content in a variety of forms, using a range of techniques such as audio and video recordings, presentations, quizzes, surveys, games, discussion groups, and more. eLearning helps your learners complete education and training objectives with greater ease and flexibility than they can with traditional classroom-based learning. E-learning has the power to make learning more accessible to your users around the world with content that is available anywhere at any time. The cutting-edge education tool can help your organization unite and train its employees in an increasingly global workforce.

The Challenge with eLearning

One of the greatest challenges that you might face when looking to implement eLearning is creating high-quality, individualized content. Oftentimes, eLearning content is created using a systemized process of capturing the content of a large quantity. Because of tight deadlines, this content is quickly turned around, with editing completed without mitigating quality. Additionally, there is a lack of consistency and direction of content, which can confuse the end user.

If you are experiencing any of these challenges, there are many solutions you can turn to. A few examples include hiring multiple freelancers to create and edit the content, an internal team that deals with production, a project management person or team, and quality assurance professionals. While these are great solutions for the short term, they are not sustainable for your organization in the long term. When it comes down to it, the root of the challenge is the content itself; eLearning is not going to be successful in your organization unless it has personalized content strategy that is sure to resonate with the end user.

The Solution for eLearning

Your eLearning solution is three-fold. The first part is to create a structure for the content that is going to be captured. The second is to create a system to edit the content. And the third is to create a custom communication strategy and project management system. When you have all three of these parts working in harmony, it will give you a sustainable approach to creating, editing, and managing eLearning content.

In order to determine the success of your newly-revamped eLearning content creation, you can look to a few different metrics. One is the bandwidth of the course development per client. The second is the number of pieces of content turned around each month. And the last one is course sign-ups and retention rate. These three metrics are solid indicators of the success of your program, and in turn, the success of your customized content strategy.

Our goal is to create a relationship that gives you individualized attention, giving you the confidence that they will produce ROI on the content created.

eLearning Communication Strategy

Through creating a customized communication strategy with our personal connection analysis or audit process, we take the time to build a relationship with you to find out what your pain and/or gain points are, how you want to better engage with your employees and customers, and how eLearning can align with your company’s goals. Through building trust, sharing details, and embracing emotion, we develop a unified campaign around your messaging, which become seamless through other advertising.

Our eLearning process is simple.


Step 1: Discovery

The first step to creating a customized eLearning content strategy is for us to help you discover what your goals are with eLearning. We work with you to take a deep dive to understand your business initiatives and ROI metrics you are seeking to achieve. Once we know your goals, we are able to help you create a one-of-a-kind content strategy.

Step 2: Strategy Development

After gathering the necessary data during the discovery process, it’s now time for us to put your customized communication strategy together. Based on your goals, we work with you to create an achievable strategy that can be implemented instantly. Not only will we help you with the content, but the methods of deployment.

Step 3: Deploy

Understanding the best route to cross the finish line is clear. It is time for you to hit the road running by deploying your custom communication strategy. We take the content created and the deployment mediums chosen and put it into place so you can start seeing a return on investment.

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