Employee & Customer Testimonials

Employee & customer testimonials help tell your story.


Hearing what other people have to say about you and your business and using this to tell your story is one of the best things you can do to build personal connection credibility. This is because you can say all day that you have the best company and state what you believe in, but when this story is told by the people inside and outside of your organization, a full picture is created. People trust other people who have been or are in the same situation as them. This is because people connect with people based on join emotions around common situations.

The most common form of testimonial is hearing what your customers have to say and using this to show to prospective clients that you are the best. The second layer of testimonials that is less common is hearing what your employees have to say and using that to build a brand and tell your story. The message your customers are saying should be in line with what your employees say. This is because the best companies know how to align their internal and external beliefs to tell a consistent story and build personal connection.

Our services allow your employees and customers to tell your story, creating trust with future employees and customers.



First, we help you discover and simplify your story, visually conceptualize it, and manage your storytelling project to connect with your employees and customers.


We use top-quality equipment to capture your story so that you can connect with your employees and customers.


We passionately craft your story in an emotionally compelling way and connect each visual & audio detail to perfection to engage your employees and customers.

Capture testimonials to personally connect.


Create personal connections through storytelling.


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