This was written by Stephen Van Delinder and it first appeared in Visibility Magazine June 1, 2017.

What has been the forefront of innovation for generations?
Where has the root of invention and market progression always began?
Think of the products and services that have positively changed the way both businesses and consumers operate; who is responsible for this?
Since the beginning of time, it is the people that have led the charge in economic and market breakthroughs. Even now in the digital age, there is a misconception that technology is at the forefront of economic development, but the truth is the people have never been more important in the history of global economies.
Although the people are the most crucial asset of a business, many forget the most important piece the defines the strength of the people within an organization – collaboration. As social species dependent on community, history has shown how nations and economies have flourished and/or fallen, and it lies within a collaboration.
With today’s continuous market growth and heightened competition, companies must focus on the vehicle that will either define their success or failure – the collaboration of the people. What does this come down to?
Two wordsemployment branding.
Glassdoor has given employees (i.e. people) the chance to learn what’s happening inside of a company before applying to become part of a company’s culture. What does this mean for companies?
For the first time, companies have the opportunity to show people who they are, what makes their culture unique, and why they should become part of their family.
So the question is, what is the most effective way for a company to present its employment brand to the people?
Facts don’t lie – here are three reasons why Glassdoor profile videos are important:

  1. The Digital Age is the Video Age: 90% of internet traffic is video content and over 90% of companies are using social media for recruiting. Whether it is Glassdoor or other social media platforms, videos have become the most important tool of communication.
  2. From Mouse Click to Finger Tap: 50% of mobile traffic comes from viewing videos. With more than 32 million unique monthly users (on average) to Glassdoor’s website and mobile applications, more than 50% of Glassdoor’s visits each month come from a mobile device. That means that over 8 million unique monthly users on Glassdoor come from a video that was seen on a mobile device.
  3. From Company Action to People Reaction: 74% of Glassdoor users are more likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand. In addition to responding to Glassdoor reviews, sharing updates on company culture and the work environment is extremely important. What avenue can help bring a company’s culture and work environment to life? Video.

Given the stats above, there are obvious advantages to investing in a Glassdoor employment branding video to help your company stand out, build trust, and promote personal connection with potential employees.
As Simon Sinek, one of today’s greatest minds in business stated: “Great leaders don’t blame the tools they are given, they work to sharpen them.” The tools to create a video(s) in order to enhance your employment brand are in your hands. The question is, will you invest in sharpening this tool to make a mark in your employment brand?

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