When it comes to brand, you get to choose its values, associations, and more than make up its identity. One aspect of your brand that you should consider is the emphasis placed on communication, namely personal connection. I bet you’re wondering why you should make communication a part of your personal brand. The explanation is simple—communication can make or break your personal brand.

Chances are you have interacted and communicated with several brands during your lifetime. Whether it was to purchase a product, receive customer support, or aid in your buying journey. What always stands out? Communication. Were they nice? Did they take the time to solve your problem? Did they help you come to a solution? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, that is communication and personal connection at work. When you say the names “Otterbox” or “Nordstrom”, the first association that comes to mind is their excellent customer service. These two companies, in particular, have made personal connection through their communication a key part of their branding, recognized worldwide for it.

In this post, we will share a few ways that you can make personal connection a key part of your brand.

Incorporate it into your messaging

One of the ways to make personal connection part of your brand is to make it a part of your company’s messaging. While a bulk of the messaging is centered around products, services, and benefits to the customer, some of the values can be centered around the intangible services, such as communication. This can be as simple as saying something like, “We value open, honest, and transparent communication”. This gives employees and customers alike a sense of where you stand with valuing communication. Putting some key points about communication in the mission or values statement goes a long way in showing how you want to personally connect with others.

Create content around it

Put your messaging to work and create content around your personal connection messaging. This can be as simple as blog content or social media content that utilizes the messaging. This is a great way to create some brand awareness for the company around personal connection. You want your audience to know your stance on the messaging and how committed you are and how you are going to follow through. The more content that the audience sees, the more they are going to automatically associate it with your brand. Your brand will become stronger and your customers will become more loyal because they have a better sense of who your company is and what they stand for. 

Implement it in your policies and procedures

Personal connection isn’t just for your messaging; it can be implemented in your company’s policies and procedures for employees to follow. Have a customer service center? Train your employees to know to strike up a conversation with customers before getting down to business. Have a sales force? Train them do the same thing. These sound like common sense, but small changes like these can make a world of difference in employee-customer interaction. Your customers will feel like they are human beings instead of just another consumer, which does good for their loyalty levels towards your brand. 

Put it in your ads

The best way to communicate with a large audience? Advertising. Creating advertisements around your personal connection messaging is a great way to get the word out. And the possibilities are endless for what you can create: billboards, online ads, print ads, and more. This method is especially key if you are looking to rebrand your company and wanting to incorporate more personal connection messaging. Your audience will be intrigued if they are already familiar with your brand if they see new messaging, prompting them to check out more content you’ve put together. Make sure your ads aren’t boring; be bold and creative with them. The more eye-catching and snappy the better!  

Practice what you preach

Creating new messaging around personal connection for your brand is great, but it’s no use unless you practice it daily. If you are training your employees to strike up a conversation with customers, make it a priority to do it with your employees. Ask them how their day is going, if they have any fun plans for the weekend and more. You learn so much about the people you work with by just talking to them. These details come in handy later if you have to get a gift for a birthday or Secret Santa. If your employees see you engaged in conversations rooted in personal connection, they likely will be too. 

While the task may seem daunting, you can shift your company’s branding to be rooted in principles of personal connection. This not only will benefit the employees and the company internally but will benefit all the customers you serve. Take the time to reevaluate your company’s brand messaging to see where you can inject more personal connection today. 

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