Personal Connection and the Technology Industry: How to Personally Connect in an Automated World to Recession-Proof Your Business

The technology industry as we know it thrives on automation. One of the main points that every technology company promotes is how their software and services can make your life easier through automation. Thus, giving way to the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and APIs that allow you to automate routine tasks to optimize operations. But how does a technology company combat that, especially in light of a recession? By none other than personal connection through storytelling. In order to recession proof your business, building a brand around personal connection is the foundation of survival.

Limits to Machinery

Even with sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence, there are limits to machinery. It can’t think and feel, or express emotion and empathy. Machines lack the ability to be creative and give context. However, machines do have the ability to do math, work, and perform a bulk of the heavy lifting for day-to-day tasks.

In order to survive in an age where more tasks are becoming automated, it’s important for technology businesses to cultivate human relationships with their prospective and current employees and customers. While tasks can easily become outsourced in a recession to cut costs, true customer service and personal connection is what is going to help a business remain relevant.

Building a Human Foundation

To build the foundation of humanization, businesses need to emphasis the importance of relationships over numbers. A technology company may be able to help you save X percentage in your operation costs, but do they really know how or why that’s beneficial to the company? This is where building a personal connection with your clients and prospects is crucial. You want to be able to connect with them to understand what their pain points are and how your technology can help build a solution that’s right for them.

Automating everything builds a bad relationship when used incorrectly; it only works when it makes life easier and is personalized. When automated tasks are used correctly, it can free up time to be more creative. Automation is best done when the tasks are routine work, answering basic questions, or routing to humans. Everything else should be humanized, rooted in personal connection.

Adding a Personal Touch

In order to humanize your tech company to build that personal connection, you need to involve human aspects at every stage where automation is not required. This means having a sales employee talk to clients and prospects, personalize your marketing communication, and get creative with your content for your different target personas. These actions will help you build a relationship between your brand and the customer based on personal connection.

When it comes down to it, people are more important than the numbers, and building a relationship with people is what is going to help your business survive an upcoming recession. You have to know artificial intelligence’s limits in order to know its best applications. As a business, you must know that data is readily available for you to use at your disposal, but you need to know how to cultivate it for the maximum success.

Becoming “customer-obsessed”

In a letter to shareholders, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos expressed why the company will always be “customer-obsessed.” This simply means putting the customer at the center of everything that you do. According to Bezos, “even when they don’t yet know it, customers want something better, and your desire to delight customers will drive you to invent on their behalf.” Some of their best services, such as Prime and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have been a result of putting the customer at the center.

Amazon has embraced technology trends such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, implementing them in their customer-centric services. Services such as Prime Air delivery drones, Amazon Go, and Amazon Echo all take advantage of machine learning. Even inside AWS, they have lowered the costs and barriers to machine learning and artificial intelligence so organizations of all sizes can take advantage of these advanced techniques.

Putting the customer at the center by finding solutions to cater to their needs is what has made Amazon one of the most successful companies in the world. Their customer-obsessed services will push Amazon forward, helping them to survive any recession.


So in a world where technology can complete even the most mundane tasks with automation, your business can still remain relevant for how it focuses on builds its relationships with clients and prospects. That element of personal connection is what is going to make your technology company recession proof.

Featured Image by Markus Spiske

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