In the way every storyteller needs an avenue and a headquarter to tell a story, we are proud to share a platform as an agent for our satisfied clients to provide their feedback on our work. Clutch is not only a valuable headquarter for that purpose, but it is also one that is speaks to how well we tell our client’s stories and utilize VP Legacies’ video production avenue to do so. We are excited to announce that VP Legacies has been recognized as a Top Video Production Company in Denver

Clutch is a leading B2B marketing research firm based in Washington D.C that researches service providers across numerous sectors and identifies industry leaders based on different quantitative and qualitative factors. Top performers are determined after evaluation of services offered, client feedback, work quality, and market presence.  The independently conducted client reviews are featured on our profile and attributes of our five-star rating. 

Recently, one of our clients spoke with Clutch about a visual media project VP Legacies produced them, and shared in a verified review, “They possess deep insights into personal connection that result in an effective marketing experience.”

In another five-star review from a leadership development organization who enlisted our video production services for a series of videos, the client shared, “They do what they say they are going to do. Overall project management is excellent.”

As a company focused on our customer’s results it is important for our customers to be happy with our deliverables but also for us to be invested in the success of our creations. We value our presence on Clutch as confirmation of that surety. Being included as a top performer in a competitive industry is a prized recognition that speaks to the success of our approach to deliver the best practices and standards with innovative ideas in mind. Not only are we thrilled to be listed as a leader on Clutch, but we’ve also been recognized by The Manifest, Clutch’s sister company, as among the top 20 branding agencies in Denver.

We’re looking forward to a successful summer, powerful stories, and continue connections with our clients!

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