Video has become a key marketing communication tool for brands across all industries. It’s become a way for brands to market their products, their solutions, and their values. More importantly, video is becoming a new way for brands to personally connect with their audience. It allows brands to be more creative and human as opposed to the stiff, rigid mentally that we traditionally associate brands with.

There are a few different ways that brands use video to humanize and showcase creativity:

  • Mention interests, passions, or quirks
  • Share something about yourself
  • Show how you live your company’s culture
  • Tell a vulnerable moment that helped you grow

Mention interests, passions, or quirks

Nothing shows that you are more relatable than bringing up your interests or passions in conversation. Mentioning your love of the Broncos or your love of skiing can help you connect with your audience by showing that you are just like them. It helps you break down barriers between your company and your audience. These small touch points can really humanize yourself and help you build trust and credibility with your brand’s followers.

Share something about yourself

Similar to your interests, take the opportunity to share something about yourself that your customers might not know about you. Anecdotes are a great way to create a strong relationship between yourself and your customers. The more you utilize storytelling as a part of your brand’s marketing technique, the more you will be able to positively position your brand among your consumers.

Show how you live your company’s culture

If your company boasts cultural values such as work-life balance, philanthropy, or working from home, you should utilize that in videos that promote your brand. Employ executives to share how they take advantage of the company culture. Ask yourself what you can share about your life that mirrors those values. Use this as an opportunity to share the personal beliefs that drive your work with your audience.

Tell a vulnerable moment that helped you grow

Vulnerability is key to feeling and expressing emotions. It can take you from someone who is unapproachable to someone who is a vulnerable human being. To do this, share an experience that shaped you into who you are today. People like to see someone who is inspiring and who they can relate to. By telling a personal story, you can reach your brand’s followers on an unprecedented level.

All of these methods can help your brand personally connect with its audience. Allowing yourself to be human with your brand’s followers can help you build trust, share story details, and embrace emotion. In order to do this, your brand can create four different types of videos:

  • Explainer video
  • Interviews
  • Animated hit
  • Culture video

Explainer video

An explainer video is one of the best ways to convey information to your audience. Explainer videos allow you to explain the features of the product or service and how you deliver value. When describing the features of a new product, explainer videos are key to delivering your unique selling proposition. In terms of delivery, ensure your video is easily accessible for anyone new to your brand by embedding it on your homepage. These videos are successful marketing tools because they help establish your brand as an industry authority through simplifying, describing, or teaching relevant subjects.


An alternative to tutorials, interviews can function as a great way to convey information without overdoing it. Interviews are also a less formal video method since you can incorporate variety by speaking with a range of relevant individuals. This includes industry experts, members of your team, or consumers who can offer testimonials about your product or service. Like explainer videos, the interview format is popular and well understood when used with proper distribution techniques.

Animated hit

The possibilities are endless for an animated video. Though it may seem childish to use an animated video, creative marketers can develop very effective, informative, and engaging video content using animation. Animation facilitates opportunities such as the introduction of a mascot or unique animation style to be associated with your company. You can create short, fun, memorable videos that entertain and inform your viewers. Use animation to expand your creative horizons and to cultivate a fun new dimension to your branding efforts, including explaining complex concepts in simpler terms.

Culture video

Culture videos allow companies to speak to consumers, partners, and recruits in a personal way. Showcase the hardworking team behind your awesome product or service, humanizing your business and building brand identity. Produce a culture video that sends out positive vibes while showing off your talent, passion, and team, so stakeholder can better understand and appreciate your company. Whether your company is quirky or conventional, make sure your culture video is an authentic representation of your brand.

At the end of the day, the success of your brand is heavily dependent on how well you can personally connect with your customers. Anymore, customers want a brand they can connect with in a more humanized way. Challenge your marketers to create creative videos that make your brand relatable and humanize your executives. By doing so, you can build trust, share story details, and embrace emotion to personally connect with your brand’s followers.

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