As humans, we crave personal connection and love visual interaction. Consequently,  we are more willing to invest in companies that use these two ideas to promote their products. Enter: augmented reality. Businesses are now tapping into augmented reality as a method of content creation to tell their brands’ stories and provide new experiences to personally connect with their customers.

With augmented reality, brands are able to create a real-time experience for customers, creating engaging content to promote their products and services. Augmented reality personally connects with customers by capturing their attention in a new and unique way. Content creation incorporating augmented reality allows people to personally connect through visual and auditory means using technology. Better yet, content creation with augmented reality will make a lasting impact with your customers if it builds trust, shares story details, and embraces emotion.

By utilizing augmented reality when creating content, businesses can enhance their storytelling experience by creating immersive content for brands to communicate what matters to them most. It allows your customer to take part and be involved with your brand in a way that is interactive and immersive. This happens both audibly and visually. Because of this, the customer is able to see your business’ story through their own eyes, getting a better understanding of its values, beliefs, and purpose. In turn, customers are able to build a genuine relationship with your brand, elevated through its content.  

Personally connecting with augmented reality provides a way to share story details in a way that traditional content can’t do. It allows you to see products from a different perspective and realizing how they will fit into your life. These details are important, something you can’t get from a catalog or a blog post. You can see how furniture looks in your house, or how a certain shade of lipstick looks on your face. Content using augmented reality allows customers to see the details that were once overlooked, which allows them to learn how products can be relevant to their lives, personally connecting with the brand.

Because of the immersive and interactive nature of augmented reality, brands are also able to personally connect with their customers on an emotional level. Customers are able to take part in an emotional experience or an intimate moment that a brand presents in its content. Augmented reality content has the power to take customers with them on a journey or a story that results in an emotional connection, whether it’s joy, anger, happiness, or sadness. Good storytelling content with augmented reality will provoke emotion with your customers, making them feel something they can’t with static content.  

Content creation with augmented reality is successful due to three factors: meaningful content; convincing and realistic interaction of the virtual and physical environment; and unique value of audible and sonic connection that goes beyond what other technologies deliver. Combine this with the storytelling pillars listed above (building trust, sharing story details, and embracing emotion), and your content will be unstoppable.

Services like our print2life service incorporate augmented reality into their business model, allowing clients to create interactive content to share with their customers. They bring augmented reality to you, proving that you don’t have to be a technology guru to apply the latest tech trends to your business.

So tap into augmented reality as a content creation strategy for your business to build trust, share story details, and embrace emotion in a story that will personally connect you with your customers.


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