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We provide the best video production services in Philadelphia.

We are proud to supply Philadelphia with our video production services! We want to personal connect you by embracing emotions for you with your videos. Everything we do is rooted in the power of storytelling to help you better serve your customers and employees.

In all our work we try to exceed and create the best product for you. We are able to support you with all your videographic needs. Our Philadelphia videographers have an outstanding sense for the use of lighting and framing your connecting moments.

Philadelphia is an amazing city. The founding of our great nation lies in its street, even though Philadelphia was founded to serve as the capital of the Pennsylvania Colony by William Penn, an english Quaker in 1682. The city started to developed great due to its geographical position for trading. One of its famous citizen, Benjamin Franklin helped the city to make the city a leader in establishing better services for its citizen. Franklin brought the first fire protection, a library, and one of the American colonies’ first hospitals to the city. For a while, while Washington DC was under construction, Philadelphia was the temporary capital of the United States. The First Continental Congress, the Second Continental Congress during which the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the Constitutional Convention were held in Philadelphia.

Philosophical societies were formed early which lead to innovative, manufractural and educational hub. Nowadays Philadelphia is still known as an innovative center and one of the countries top address for education. We focus around innovative companies and education markets and are convinced that Philadelphia has a lot of great stories to tell; we can’t wait to hear your story!

The production of a video can look like a big challenge. This challenge can turn into an easy ride for you when you let us make your vision come true. All questions will be taken care of, questions like e.g. do you need actors? What’s the location? Ensure good sound recording, batteries or are there outlets? At what time of day? Inside or outside? What is the basic content idea?

Our passion is to simplify the entire video production process in Philadelphia. Therefore we created a three step service offer – consulting, capturing and editing. This is an offer to use them all together, after each other, or of course you can just use one of our services separately. When you engage our services of consulting we will help plan your project and walk you through how to get the best return on investment for your budget. Then we will capture any content that is needed to tell your story. Lastly, we will piece it all together with our efficient and effective editing process.

Our team of talented creatives will lead you through the entire process of video production. We cover the whole process of production for you; pre-, production and post-. Our team of talented local videographers will then shoot all the footage that is needed. Finally, our creative editing team will work through the footage and create the video that will allow you to personally connect you with your target audience. We give all to create for you a video that is maximum visual appealing, allows you to engage with your audiences and produce real-world results.

We can’t wait to hear your story and help you to tell it. Philadelphia videography is one of the services we offer you. In addition, we support you with Philadelphia Personal Connection Consulting and Philadelphia Photography. Stories matter and your stories matter to us!


Our Philadelphia video production process


First, as a storytelling company providing services in Philadelphia, PA, our video production service offerings are as unique as the city itself. Our Philadelphia video production services start with truly understanding who you are and the story you need to tell. By consulting you on the best way to tell your story  through video production, we are providing a solution to one of the biggest problems in our industry — people do not know how to tell a story. Once this is addressed, we start the technical pieces of capturing and editing the perfect story to connect with your target market. In addition, our consulting storytelling results can be used in all of your company’s communication avenues.


After we figure out the story that needs to be told, in Philadelphia, we break down the video production process into two technical areas: capturing & editing. Capturing begins once we have a plan regarding the videos we are going to produce for you. We utilize your story, business & creative goals, a shot list and visual storyboard to capture the highest quality video footage for our editors to work their magic on. During the filming process our cinematographers work with our interviewers (if needed) and a director to ensure everything we need is captured to tell the best story. This includes performing additional shoots and reshoots to make sure our clients are happy.



In Philadelphia we believe the most important part of video production is editing. Therefore, we built an organization process and editing system that is extremely efficient and effective to fulfill our client’s current and future editing needs. We realize that the editing part of the video production process is the most time consuming and can be overwhelming for our clients. It is our job to make it as simple as possible for you so that all you have to worry about is giving us feedback on how we are telling your story. We will take care of all of the video & sound editing, soundtrack production, motion graphics, visual effects and animation that best suits the story we are telling.

A few of our clients we have helped create personal connection through video production:

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