Soundtrack Production

What is soundtrack production?

Soundtrack production is the creative process of crafting a musical story to represent a company, an individual, a product or service. Soundtrack production occurs at the end of the video production once the audio and video aspects of the video are locked. Final video and audio edits may occur after soundtrack production concludes, but the major part of soundtrack production occurs after the story is set. The key to soundtrack production is to make sure it doesn’t overpower the other audio along with the visual imagery. The purpose of a soundtrack is to reinforce the emotions already expressed in a video. Independent from video production, soundtrack production can be used to create a sonic branding message that resonates with the target audience. The storytelling aspect of soundtrack production means knowing how to arrange instruments and musical notes to tell the most meaningful story. The technical aspects of soundtrack production include the ability to use the various softwares and being able to execute solutions to problems that come about.

Why soundtrack production is important.

Audible communications and messages are the strongest personal connection tools. Known as sonic connection or sonic communication, humans connect via sound. Therefore, soundtracks elevate any marketing message by putting it to music, a language that connects people. Having a unique sound that resonates with people is extremely important. Therefore, we produce custom soundtracks that we do not reuse or re-license to anyone other than who we produce the original for. By having your own sound, another level of emotional storytelling is created. When this is paired with our editing process, we produce the best final product. For efficiency and effectiveness we created a data asset management system that allows us to organize your story and utilize assets from any point of time. We live in the data age and everyone has their own visual and audio data portal. We know exactly what to do with this data to produce the best results.

Soundtrack production is storytelling. Storytelling creates personal connection.




Problem Solving

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Our soundtrack production process is simple.

Pick a style

First, pick a style from each of the following:

  • electronic, acoustic
  • inspirational, meditative, serious, happy
  • overt, subtle

"Rough Cut(s)" reviewed.

Next, we edit the first draft of the soundtrack for our clients to review. We repeat this until our clients are 100% happy and we believe the business and creative goals have been achieved

Final Cut delivered.

Once we receive confirmation that the rough cut is perfect we make all of the final edits and touch ups and deliver the “Final Cut” to our clients.

Soundtrack Production Examples

1) Acoustic, Inspirational, Overt

by VP Legacies | HomeAdvisor

2) Electronic, Serious, Subtle to Overt

by VP Legacies | Rising Sea Impact

3) Acoustic, Happy, Subtle

by VP legacies | Jobber Group

  • Consumers are 25% more likely to buy a product with music they connect with. 25% 25%
  • 92% of consumers would prefer a marketing message to sound like a story. 92% 92%
  • 90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously based on emotion. 90% 90%

Results of storytelling & music

As a story assembly tool, soundtrack production is directly responsible for your return on investment. Storytelling through a soundtrack results in higher retention rates and longer time on your website or media. In addition, storytelling is the preferred method of communication for consumers and speaks to subconscious emotional decision making. Together storytelling and soundtrack production produces amazing results for you and your company.

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