Filming Services


Why are Filming Services important?


Capturing the moment in a tangible reusable medium has been a goal of humanity since the beginning of time. Today we are lucky to be able to utilize the combination of audio and visual memory capture through the power of filming technology. The term filming was coined originally because “film” was the tangible asset that moving images were stored on, today we use the term filming to encapsulate the capturing of moving images and audio capture.

Filming ranges from employee/customer engagement, education and testimonials in order to produce genuine personal connection with your target audience. The art of filming starts with the proper recording device (camera), lighting, sound, etc. and the technical expertise of a cinematographer (defined as a camera and other equipment expert and operator). Once you have all of the technical aspects worked out, our true expertise come into play.

With years of emotional storytelling experience we are able to get the highest quality psychologically resonating content out of our filming subjects from a visual and audio medium. Our director’s ability to ask the hard questions and our cinematorgraphers’ drive to go above and beyond to capture even the hardest shots, llows us to get everything we need for our editors to take over and produce the best video content.

Filming Process


Create a plan & schedule.

First, we listen to your filming needs and put together a filming plan. This includes putting together a shot list, making a list of interviewees (if needed), filming locations, deciding how many cinematographers are needed and if a director needs to be present at the shoot.

Primary filming.

Also, known as principal photography in the film industry, this is the phase of filming where everything that is planned and scheduled to be filmed is filmed. Our cinematographers and directors (as needed) will either film in our studio or on location based on the filming plan.

Secondary filming.

Additional shots are sometimes needed that weren’t initially planned for or captured in primary filming. Therefore, we are prepared to capture all of the additional shots that need to be filmed and will repeat this step until everything is captured to create the best story.

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