No matter the size of your organization, culture can be hard to implement. This is especially true if your organization is spread across the globe like most are these days. Your company culture needs to be present across the organization so all employees know the values and can apply them every day in the workplace. This is where “culture captains” come into play.

Culture captains are a set of representatives who make sure the company culture is embraced across the organization. They can either be a set elected by the company or at each satellite office to carry out these activities. Culture captains are responsible for creating an atmosphere that brings the company together and emphasizes the overall company values. If you haven’t done so already, start a culture captains group at your organization today. In this post, we are going to give you a few ideas on how culture captains can enhance the company or office and why this is beneficial.

Create a culture of trust with your culture captains

Trust is imperative, especially when working with millennials. You don’t want to enforce a culture of micromanaging or being too controlling. This will conflict with building of trust. If your concern is making a mistake, work with employees to recover from it instead of scolding them. There isn’t any mistake that can’t be fixed. Give employees clear guidelines and let them spread their wings. By enforcing this, your employees understand the value of the company and are more willing to adhere to it.

Network and socialize

Employees in an office need to have the chance to get to know each other outside of their respective departments. Most of the time, an office will have several departments under one roof. This causes them to be siloed, not having the opportunity to get to know one another. This is especially true if they don’t get to work together. Culture captains make sure there are occasional office get-togethers or outings that can bring people in an office together. Consider a summer picnic or a happy hour. Additionally, you can set themed days at the office or engage in community projects together. You can also find a way to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, and successes. These are easy ways to keep employees engaged and allowing them the chance to get to know one another.

Create a cool work space

Even though working from home is the newest trend in the workplace, you need to give your employees a space they enjoy being in when they are at work. Unfortunately, not all workplaces have accepted the work-from-home culture, so a cool space is necessary. Design different spaces that can stimulate your employees’ creativity. Consider a lounge area with a couch that employees can use during the day. Whiteboards can also be great tools to encourage brainstorming and collaboration. And let’s not forget greenery! With the fluorescent lighting  an office has, it’s hard to feel like you’re outside. Bring the outside inside with a lot of greenery to spruce up your space.

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Give away free quality stuff

Chances are you probably haven’t met a person who doesn’t love free stuff. From breakfast to company swag, free stuff goes a long way with employees. This contributes to a work-hard, play-hard environment, making for happy, productive, and creative employees. Consider having a “new hire” package for people once they start that comes with a few pieces of functional swag. Plus, you can never go wrong with stickers.

Encourage career growth

Culture captains can be instrumental in encouraging career growth. Create an initiative to host career development workshops. This can be for anything such as perfecting a resume, networking or enhancing soft skills and personal connection. Encourage employees to see their job as more than just a job, but a place to build a career. If you have a collaborative and trusting environment built, employees are more likely to bring ideas to the table. If employees express interest in learning new skills, provide workshops to help them advance those skills.

Support company initiatives—but with a twist

The beauty of culture captains is they can put their own twist on company-wide initiatives. If one of your company initiatives is fitness, take it one step further and create a fitness challenge with celebratory milestones along the way. Hire a local personal trainer to give employees the motivation they need to see it through to the end. This makes something the company is already doing fun and keeps employees more engaged and willing to participate. Don’t underestimate the importance of culture captains. They can be the people who can enhance the culture of your organization by bringing the organization’s culture to employees. While it may seem like a daunting task, it can also be fun along the way.

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